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by Promise



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released June 28, 2011

Featuring The Soul Council, Jhené Aiko, The World Famous Tony Williams, Slakah The Beatchild and many more
Mixed by Tariq Adi, Noel Cadastre, etc.



all rights reserved


Promise Toronto, Ontario

Promise is a crafter of the creative and an architect of the original. He pioneers beyond the mainstream and remains firm in exactly who he is, consequently carving out a space that sits between hip hop and soul, ballad and rap. He vocalizes the unfiltered normalcy of his everyday thoughts, delivering to listeners a message of life and love ... more

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Track Name: The Wake
I wake up to god on my caller ID like pssh man this all I need
He like "P, I don't mean to trouble you butchu gotta W R I T E please
The world is sick n' you sure can spit so I put the cure in yer IV, see
You won't choke cuz you don't smoke you don't joke nah
Youu ain' ruinin' yer health
Plus u never compromised your influence for your wealth
Cuz you know watchu doin you ain' doin for yourself
I open my eyes I see my favorite book in NIV
I take a second look then I see a mixer n' a condenser MIC
What lies over the skies?
I think it's something bigger than me so I shrink
There's something greater Creator of all things
His kingdom is calling "Lord of the Rings"
Say you won't get paid from the songs you sing
But the change thatchu make may exalt the king
And the lives that you'll save'll be priceless
That's basically sayin' they won't cost a thing
So if I realized my callin' who am I to be in my apartment stallin'
when I cud put my all-in?
N If I get too big fast n do get gassed pull me aside
Kid stop
I will not just up n leave when the heat comes
Chris bosh
Just watch til the time expires on my wristwatch I'll speak truth to these youth through hip hop
Now dey lisn wen de kid talks its my design tell me is it a crime? Hitchcock
Track Name: Everyone Knows (feat. The World Famous Tony Williams)
What can we do • Where can we go
What else to say when everyone knows
All it takes is one
What can we do • Where can we go
What else to say when everyone knows
All it takes is love

What if I was that guy in that 3rd world country
Starving and my family was hungry
Would you care knowing that the gold in yer front teeth grill
could grill us a meal that's complete?
What I said each tooth was equal
to atleast two ppl starving to eat food?
Would you could you live comfortable and peaceful
Knowing whatchu knew was deceitful?

You don't like me? I don't care
I just know that someone here
Can make a difference for someone there
Will someone show them that someone cares?
Yeah I'm jus tryna make a difference here today
So if I get my listeners to pray
For someone somewhere out there give em a bit of faith
N think abt decisions that we make

Everyone knows / all it takes is one to love someone else
N' everyone knows / all it takes is love n' God is love, yeah

Where's she from / she's sorta like the queen of her tribe
But the greens got the american dream in her eye
She meets uncle sam / reached 4his hand
Wit a plan / how to make a couple G's 4da fam
$1000/week in her hand
But 1st she's gota sleep wit a man
In her sleep she dreams abt leaving • She can't
She lays still so her people can stand


Cuz everyone knows • All it takes is one to love someone else
N' everyone knows • All it takes is love n' God is love, yeah

Just think...
If we had a penny for every time we used this line
Our two cents could change the lives of two kids
Redefine the blueprints
In the mind of a child who thinks their life is useless
Growin up told that they're stupid
By grown ups and authority abusive
This is why I do this • put truth in music
in hope that the youth might use it
Cuz everyone

Don't turn your shoulder on me brother
Hold your head up for me sister
You know that in this life
Some things are much bigger than you and I
Look in my eyes
I'm just like you
I need love to

What can we do • Where can we go
What else to say when everyone knows
All it takes is one
What can we do • Where can we go
What else to say when everyone knows
All it takes is love

What else is there to say? Everyone knows
Track Name: Back When (Things Were Simple)
Verse 1:
I remember back when • When? Back then
If u had frenz jus' ment we held hands
Wudnt no need for no text/email plans
if ur school had a male/female dance
There was a 6in rule the Principal wud cum in wit a 6in ruler
Yer hands'd slowly start inchin 'twards her waist • Eyes closed
cuz in art class's where u drew pictures of her face
N now its goin round school but ur saved by the bell chime
Sweatin bullets lucky thatchu wasnt facin jail time
Some guys need a reminder
Math is a major • she is a minor
Now he in a line-up
I duno wat to tell these dames
They in heat chasing rings like LB james
But I remember back when we were well-behaved
If u remember then help me say

"I remember back when"
When we had no worries just living life so care free
"Yo, I remember back when"
You had to call and ask politely if you really wanna talk to me
"Ya, I remember back when"
Just one kiss from mommy was any pain's remedy
"I remember back when"
Street lights and the sun go down
Guess its time to go home now

Verse 2:
I remember back when I was 16
The in thing was wearin faded ripped jeans
I remember wen I 1st kissed a girl it rocked my world
But I told the world that she kissed me
Cuz I remember wen girls had cudies
Life's watchu make it • My world was a movie
You'd be surprised that I was the starring actor
wit no stunt double 4da scars n fractures
I remember having snowball standoffs
Designating a whole wall for handball
I had2 run my own race no handoffs
They in my face sayin I can't pass • Gandolf
Still I remember when I had a transformers lunch box
Never being last to leave class b4 lunch starts
Waitin 4da bell then gradually bombard
Whoever the hall monitor was • was the one charged


Verse 3:
I remember back when we would go to church
Now we think we know it all cuz we know a verse
But who is it we call when our shoulder hurts? Huh
All the docs look lost n the roles reversed • God
Yo I remember way back when
Guys who were nice • they had frenz
Now its which guy drives the maybach • benz or aston martin
So many good things from our past forgotten
Track Name: Against The Odds (feat. Jhené Aiko)
Verse 1:
Finally the doors open for me • Chaufeur
Got a little somethin' on the table • Coaster
Used to wanna sign to a label I was so sure
Plus I was deep in the hole • Gopher
Butchu reap watchu sow
If u reach in ya soul n' speak watchu know when its yo' turn
N' you hangin' on a mantle in a gold earn from a slow burn they'll remember you for yo' words
N' I'm all about soul/sole • loafers
So it's all good I mean it's kosher
N' when my singles on every ringer
They gon' wish they never did doubt the kid • Jerry Springer
But if I get too gassed before I blow up
Then my integrity may not hold up • So hol' up
I don't know what stations'll play this
But before I get dollars its gotta make sense/cents

Chorus: Jhené Aiko
What I gotta prove? • I have nothing to prove
And I cannot lose • There's nothing to lose
Against who? (x3) I can't lose
Against you (x2) I can't lose (x2)

Verse 2:
They say when you're an inspiration the competition disappears
So my 1st week calculus ain' neccessar'
Yeah. I ain' listen to what they say
Cuz when i'm Mr. Big they gon' Snicker at my Pay Day
They ain't thorough man I know I was stayin' uptown
Now I'm sayin' Duck Down in my burrow/borough like a mole
When I get outta this world man I know
I'ma get all of the pears that I'm owed
Til' then I'ma keep makin' good music for the children
And for some of the young adults who feel it
And for some adults who still hip
bridgin' the gap and ain't afraid to say they listen to rap
But if I get too gassed before I blow up
Then my integrity may not hold up • So hol' up
I don't know what stations'll play this
But before I get dollars its gotta make sense/cents


Refrain: Jhené Aiko
I don't want for nothin' cuz I got it all
In a race with no one so I'm taking it all
After all there's nothin' to win at all
When you're chasing the wind


Verse 3:
Labels that I wanted to sign wit want me to shine
They don't want me to rhyme they want me to lie n' sign posters
I was like "you outta ya mind" so I had to decline
and now I'm just rappin' to find closure
But I know when the sun/son shines its over
So compromise my art? No sir
If the sky don't part my hopes will
help me to smile at a dark night/knight • Joker
Track Name: Somebody Else (feat. Slakah The Beatchild)
Verse 1:
Have you ever seen a guy wit nice stuff
I mean encino man • real iced up
N he hold his head high • Knowin inside
His soul is jus cryin cuz his life sucks
N his friends are as fake as a facelift
Or an alien outerspace in a spaceship
N its all in his face so he gotta face it
Cuz if he don't then his life feels wasted
So he's's thinkin

Pre-chorus 1:
If he could be just somebody
Then maybe he could be himself

Some body • Somebody else (x3)
Maybe you should be yourself 'stead of tryna be
Some body • Somebody else (x3)

Verse 2:
Have you seen a girl who looked like she got
...all together • Together now "she got it"
Even in the winter she's hot n'
She cud probly get whoever she wanted
But the problem is she's got a low self esteem
because of the path that she chose as a teen
She was taught to chase after a stone on a ring
So she thought she needed a man to grow as a queen

Pre-chorus 2:
If she could be just somebody
Then maybe she could be herself (Repeat)

Track Name: Daddy's Girl
Verse 1:
Boys are just friends til you meet parents
You gettin like twitter now u need "status"
You say you want commitment you mean marriage
'Like tellin him tokyo when you mean paris
'N he tried to get you hooked on his unique habits
But for you to be rabbits you need carrots
'N he would try to find some if he was a better man
The right one would find a white one with a yellow band
Get a resumé • Write one with a letterhead
And it better say "likes fun but would really like someone in life's run who's tryna get ahead, not someone who's tryna get a in"
Not someone who's tryna benefit
But someone who you can benefit from
And letchu have the world • Til then you are Daddy's Girl

Girl, I see you hurt by another man
I'll make sure you aint hurt by another's hand
Alice, its your Wonderland
Understand you are Daddy's Girl
Daddy's Girl, is your first degree
Highschool, college, university
But I hope you aint gotta be hurt to see
That you'll always be Daddy's Girl

Verse 2:
You say "I love you" • That dude hesitates
You the best I ever had's something that he never say
He'll only put you down not help you elevate
Say you gon get married but he too scared to set a date?
How long you gon let him wait?
I mean you might go crazy waitin for the right one baby
Like pepsi • Watchu don't know though is they like Frodo
The gold ring give em cold feet like gretzky
Standin on ice until then
You wanna see a man that you like I wantchu to see a real man Belle, this aint beauty & the beast • No fairytale
I wantchu to love someone who loves u very well
Wantchu to know the things that maybe your momma never knew • So you can save the drama save that attitude
Matter fact you can lose it
Cuz you gon always be a daddy's girl
No matter how the shoe fits


If that man was never around
You never knew who he was he could never be found
You know you can still look to heaven and smile
And know that you're Daddy's Girl
Track Name: Down
Verse 1:
He says I love you because u like that
But you text I love you n' he don't type back
Instead its umm sorry baby ill brb
Please don't write back • You know, he ain't down
He blows you off like dust on a table
Not tonight I'm tired baby i'ma lay low
'Sted he at the crib wit de boys playin' Halo
But its ok though you know he ain't down
I mean you ain't even known him longer than an interlude
You his only girl but ain't the only girl he did it to
Just because he's in you doesn't mean he's into you
Tell me baby girl do u think he's really down?
I know that the game nowadays kinda varies
Butchu know he plays too much • Tyler perry
Plus you love him way too much its kinda scary
Girl he ain't tryna marry you he ain't down

He ain't down for you around for you
not givin' you the things you need
You know better • Know better • He ain't no good for you
He's not down (echo)
He don't want you the way that he should he's no good

Verse 2:
Why he never take u out for dinner n a movie!?
Cuz He'd rather see you sittin' nude in a jacuzzi
Girl, He killing you softly like the Fugees
Gotchu feelin' woozi you know he ain't down
He treat u like a sloozie though ain't easy
Like "you ain't nobody girl you can't leave me!"
Butchu can n' you should believe me
Don't give him no freebies you know he ain't down
He parties hard mardi gras in miami
Sayin' he's committed you know that he can't be
Still you wanna be down, Brandy
You wanna start a family you tryna settle down
So you try to tell him • Sit him on the couch
Start like "baby, whenever I'm around..."
He cuts you off "psst whatever yo I'm out
Butchu know that I love you I'm tellin' you I'm down!"

Whens the last time ya man said he loves you and in return wanted nothin from you? Huh?
Whens the last time you had a great convo? Dinner date movie at the condo? Huh?
Whens the last time he told you "you the baddest!" And updated your name in his status? Huh
Whens the last time a man said that he was really down? Down
Track Name: HeartStrings
You can have it your way • you ain’t gotta be played
He’s pullin’ on your heartstrings he don’t even care about you (repeat)

Verse 1:
She on the phone with her bff • tellin’ her Helen heard she had sex
He’s been wit Helen for 11yrs but I since we had sex • it’s me that’s next
Suddenly he wanna leave he gets vexed • she sees she could be the next Ex
She screams PLEASE STAY • he says I CAN’T I GOTTA LEAVE
She sees my man he don’t wanna be • still every time he calls she answers
He’s my vice • my cancer • he’s hot right? He’s handsome
But he’s not nice once he’s had some
If you ain’t got rings • don’t let Santa up in your stockings
He says I love you • I know your heart sings
But can’t you see he’s pulling your heartstrings?


Verse 2:
He comes in the dark of night • startin fights
She see it comin every time he turn off the lights
She tries wit all her might to go to where all this might make sense
Like • atleast it was "safe" sex
the beginning of her innocence was ended wit latex
Wishing she had a choice of who it could be • Sadly
You aint sposed2 do this to me Daddy
Tellin’ mom since 2 or 3 he had me
doin’ things thatch would think is nasty
Love now I hate cuz now I’m 8 and schools asking
why am I an hour late?
Now I’m 13 why is it that now I’m late • with a baby • I’m just a baby
But he says he loves me and my heart sings • though I know he’s just pullin’ my heartstrings
Track Name: Skin Deep
They say the only man that cries is a man that's been beat
The cancers skin deep • The answers in me
Trampled by sin's feet • Far from defeated
That's why I cry to God cuz I need him • Believe it
No I aint ashamed
Don't put me in a box wit the rest • I aint the same
U can tell that I'm different
U can tell that I listen to the rhthym of my soul
N let it drip into the system wit my flow • IV
But why me?
I guess in a world that seems god-less
Its hard 2b godly
So God please give me words when I speak
To help fix the worst that I see

They say the only time that men weep
Is from a ♥ attack n part of that then means
That when their ♥ attaches to a woman's needs
They tend2 leev bcuz part of them's been squeezed
N they can't breathe
Plus the first cut goes deep•no1 wants 2b left hurt n lonely
Since he was 8 now he's 24 • Kobe
Tryin2 feel wat his soul needs tryin2 hear wat his soul speaks
He let his love lie dormant but he don't sleep