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Say A Prayer

by Promise



The original was actually made in honor of Keyz who past some years ago and featured a good friend of mine, Rochester. I was asked to do a tribute to celebrate the life of REDWAY and with the title, concept and words he shared in his verse on this i felt it was only fitting I customize it to pay homage to his legacy and a side of his life that many didn't get to see.


I say a prayer / when i go through the things that I go through
I know that you care / I swear I owe you an IOU

That shoutout from R-les (Ryan Leslie) you were too ecstatic
But the greatness you harnessed you knew you had it
You moved like a mentor at the center core of your conscience
I seen the potential in you when you were just Cautious
The concept is deep, yeah I know
You got respect from G's on the streets, yeah I know
Though corrupted misdemeanors in your past held you back
You never let it keep you from your fans when you rapped


I say a prayer...
Like I hope that you're restin' in Heaven
Chillin' with the rest of the brethren
In a cypher with disciples like "I was livin' the type of life I pray make my mama proud, I prayed when they were not around"
You were scurred/scared when I was among the world
Just know I held it down with Dukez & Wondagurl, for sure
That's why everyone out here in the crowd love you
My last words to your face "I'm so proud of you"


Verse 3: Redway


released January 1, 2016
Prod. Burd x Keyz
Feat. Redway



all rights reserved


Promise Toronto, Ontario

Promise is a crafter of the creative and an architect of the original. He pioneers beyond the mainstream and remains firm in exactly who he is, consequently carving out a space that sits between hip hop and soul, ballad and rap. He vocalizes the unfiltered normalcy of his everyday thoughts, delivering to listeners a message of life and love ... more

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